Is It Really Worth It To Buy Bluehost WP Pro Hosting ?

Along these lines, Bluehost as of late propelled their fresh out of the new WP Pro hosting service for WordPress clients. What’s the major ordeal about that at that point? That is to say, you can have your WordPress site with a straightforward Bluehost hosting plan, without a doubt?


That’s right, you can to be sure. Bluehost’s shared hosting will enable you to do only that, be that as it may, their WP Pro hosting is an arrangement advanced, clearly, explicitly for WordPress clients. Also, it’s a hosting plan that accompanies a large group of cash sparing highlights which I think you and a great deal of different bloggers are going to cherish.

In this survey, we’ll investigate a portion of those highlights, including the innovation that goes into Bluehost’s WP Pro hosting arrangement, and contrast it and their less expensive shared facilitating plans, and maybe feature a few options out there as well.

I will quickly discuss Bluehost’s hosting and client care toward the end, however I’m not going to jump excessively profound into things like uptime unwavering quality, client assistance, specialized help, and so forth since I’ve made myself truly clear on what I think about Bluehost’s service by and large, once more, in view of on my own encounters with utilizing them before.

Right, how about we get to it. This is what we will cover in this Bluehost WP hosting survey.

  1. What is Bluehost WP Pro Hosting?
  2. How can it contrast with their standard shared hosting plan?
  3. What else is incorporated into WP Pro Hosting?
  4. What amount does it cost and is it worth the money?
  5. A brisk note on the nature of Bluehost’s hosting and client assistance.
  6. Steps for Signing Up!
  7. What are the alternatives?

1. What is Bluehost WP Pro Hosting?

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Review
Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Review

WordPress Pro at Bluehost is a major ordeal, be that as it may, and one of the organization’s most mainstream administrations (with in excess of a million destinations facilitated by the organization).

The Pro plans are running on superior VPS and offer improved site speed.

Highlights at the Build level incorporate Basic detailed Site Analytics, Marketing Center, 100 Free Premium Themes, every day reinforcements, and Malware recognition and expulsion for included security.

2. How can it contrast with their standard shared hosting plan?

Alright, so Bluehost gives shared hosting, VPS hosting, and committed hosting. They likewise give shared WordPress hosting.

Entirely confusing, isn’t that so?

A standard shared WP hosting plan is significantly less expensive than the WP Pro Hosting Package, and that is on the grounds that there are three key highlights incorporated with the WP Pro Hosting plans, notwithstanding what you will discover in the standard WP shared hosting. Let’s take a closer look at each of those.

  1. Optimized for speed and performance:-With a WP Pro Hosting arrangement from Bluehost, your WordPress webpage is hosting on a SSD based server (Solid State Drive), so this implies your site should stack and perform extensively quicker than if it were facilitated on a standard HDD server.These SSD servers use cutting edge innovation (obviously), and are additionally enhanced for speed and execution.
  2. Marketing tools (SEO, email, and social):-One of the champion includes in Bluehost’s WP Pro hosting administration is the suite of advertising instruments that you get. You can deal with your whole email correspondence, internet based life showcasing, and SEO all on a solitary dashboard inside your Bluehost account.The promoting instruments are quite cool in itself. You can get helpful bits of knowledge on the information being gathered through your site, including catchphrase determination, tips on the best way to improve your substance and SEO, set mechanized messages for Twitter and Facebook, and substantially more.
  3. Detailed analytics:-To take advantage of your WP Pro hosting arrangement, you can incorporate Google Analytics into the showcasing focus and access all your day by day, week by week, month to month, and yearly traffic details in a single spot.You likewise gain admittance to a large group of traffic devices, for example, empowering advertisements on your site, empowering share symbols, once more, all from a solitary dashboard.

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3. What else is incorporated into WP Pro Hosting?

Indeed, really, there are three plans accessible in the WP Pro Hosting alternative.


  • Build
  • Grow
  • Scale


In case you’re simply beginning with a fresh out of the new WordPress site/blog, the manufacture plan would be all that anyone could need for you.

The Build Plan accompanies the key highlights we took a gander at above, also, you get –

  • Access to 100 free premium quality topics, that in itself is overly significant as one single subject can cost anyplace up to $100.
  • You additionally get every day booked reinforcements, so no outside reinforcement administration is required.
  • Malware identification and expulsion. Once more, setting aside you cash in obtaining an outside Malware assurance administration.
  • Domain privacy protection.

Likewise included is free access to 1 x Office 365 Mailbox for 30 days. Great stuff, correct?

That is only the Build plan. Obviously, the Grow plan incorporates much more highlights and extra assets, as so does the Scale plan. These incorporate highlights like –

  • JetPack Premium and Pro.
  • Business review tools.
  • PayPal integration.
  • Unlimited video compression, and more.

Both the Grow and Scale plans accompany WordPress Live ticket or Chat support, though the Build plan accompanies standard support.

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4. What amount does it cost, and is it worth the money?

In the event that you investigate the plans underneath, you’ll see that costs start from $19.95 every month. Presently, that is a precarious advance up from a standard shared facilitating plan that starts from $2.95 every month.


Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing
Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing

You, obviously, are getting significantly more for your cash here. The most ideal hosting Bluehost can give, supported with a huge amount of extra devices, asset, and highlights. However, how about we separate the expense to see whether you really are setting aside yourself any cash and showing signs of improvement all-around administration over the long haul.

Here’s the expense of taking out individual administrations and plans.

  • Standard managed shared hosting @ $7.95 PM – $95 per year.
  • Single premium theme with 1-year’s support – $49 per year.
  • Premium backup service like BlogVault – $120 per year.
  • Premium WP security, something like WordFence – $99 per year.
  • Social sharing plugin, something like SocialWarfare – $27 per year.
  • Email marketing, something like ConvertKit – $348 per year.
  • Total – $738 per year

Taking out a Bluehost WP Pro plan

  • Managed Bluehost WP Pro Hosting @ $19.95 – $240 per year
  • Access to over 100 premium quality WP themes (included)
  • Daily backups (Included)
  • Malware scan and removal (Security included)
  • Enable social sharing (Feature included)
  • Email traffic channels (Included)
  • Total – $240 per year (Saving of $498)

Along these lines, as should be obvious, joining the yearly expenses of taking every one of the administrations independently can before long mount up. With a Bluehost WP Pro Hosting arrangement, it would show up you are undoubtedly sparing yourself a little bundle.

5. A brisk note on the nature of Bluehost’s hosting and client assistance.

As I said toward the start of this audit, I would not like to go on and on about Bluehost’s capacity as a hosting organization, or how I for one felt about the general nature of the administration they give to clients.

Be that as it may, rapidly, I utilized Bluehost for more than 5 years, from 2010 to 2015. Everything began well, obviously, however over the time I was utilizing them, especially towards the end, I started encountering debased assistance and successive vacations. Furthermore, obviously, this in the long run constrained me to locate an elective web have supplier.

I completely welcome that a lot of time has gone from that point forward, and I’m certain the nature of the client care and hosting administration has improved radically. Truth be told, as indicated by Hosting Facts, the running Bluehost test site is appreciating 99.99% uptime, which unquestionably makes them a dependable hosting supplier.

In any case, nowadays, despite everything I have a Bluehost record and keep on prescribing Bluehost as a starting stage for beginning and building up a blog or site. At the point when the opportunity arrives, notwithstanding, you may decide to remain with them or proceed with the development of your business utilizing another web have supplier.

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6. Steps for Signing Up!

Signing up for a Bluehost account is super simple.

  1. Go to Bluehost.
  2. From the main menu, click on WP Pro (New)
  3. Hit the Choose Plan button.
  4. Select the plan you require for your needs. Build, Grow or Scale.
  5. Create a new domain, or use a domain that you already own.
  6. Fill in the Account info, check the Package info is correct.
  7. Enter your Payment info, agree to the terms, and hit Submit.

You’re in. It’s that easy.

So what are you still waiting for?

Click this special link to grab Bluehost WordPress Hosting

7. What are the alternatives?

Obviously, there will be options in contrast to this administration by Bluehost. For instance, SiteGround offer its own oversaw WordPress enhanced hosting arrangements, which is impressively less expensive.

Regardless you gain admittance to apparatuses and highlights like security and updates, advanced assets for better site and facilitating execution, free SSL, reinforcements, and email administration, in addition to a free CDN.

HostGator likewise has its very own facilitating administrations streamlined explicitly for WordPress, once more, which is much less expensive than Bluehost’s WP Pro facilitating contributions. HostGator’s WP plans are supercharged by cloud based, low-thickness servers, and a CDN.

Final conclusion on Bluehost’s WP Pro Hosting Plans

In this way, there you have it. My own understanding and audit of Bluehost’s WP Pro Hosting administration.

At $19.95 every month beginning value, I don’t think this is an awful arrangement by any means, taking into account what you get for your cash. Regardless of whether you’re an accomplished WordPress client hoping to improve your site’s exhibition and to merge all your promoting and SEO in one place, or regardless of whether you are absolutely new to WordPress, at that point this could be for you.

Did you like our Bluehost managed WordPress hosting review? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below!

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