How much is Bluehost per month Or Bluehost Pricing?

Bluehost has 4 shared hosting subscription options ranging from $2.95 to $13.95 per month on the initial subscription. Subscriptions range from $7.99 to $25.99 per month after the initial contract expires. The minimum web hosting subscription is twelve months. All plans come with one Free Domain Registration for a year

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost pricing is based on six types of hosting solutions with various categories for each: Shared plan cost($7.99-$23.99/month), WordPress plan cost($7.99-$14.99/month), WordPress Pro plan cost($29.99-$59.99/month), WooCommerce e-Commerce plan cost($13.99-$31.99/month), Virtual Private Server plan cost($29.99-$119.99/month), and Dedicated plan cost($119.99-$209.99/month).

Hosting Solutions
$7.99 to $23.99
$7.99 to $14.99
WordPress Pro
$29.99 to $59.99
WooCommerce e-Commerce
$13.99 to $31.99
$29.99 to $119.99
$119.99 to $209.99
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Each type of Bluehost hosting solution comes with specialized features that suit the users’ needs. The company also offers discounts from time to time. Visit its website to know if there’s one on offer today.

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