How often should you post on Facebook?

How often should you post on Facebook?

One time per day or less! On the off chance that you have an enormous crowd on Facebook you could likely pull off posting double a day. Nonetheless, posting over two times a day doesn’t will in general prompt web-based media achievement.

Reach on Facebook is fundamentally low nowadays. Keep in mind, the sort of content you post issue. For instance, posting a video or live video will have substantially more effect than if you present a connection on an article you’ve composed.

Examination from Social@Ogilvy found that for Facebook business pages with in excess of 500,000 Likes, natural reach was pretty much as low as 2% – and this was before the latest calculation update carried out. It’s probably reached is even lower now! Accomplishment on Facebook isn’t incomprehensible, extraordinary substance is critical!

Jasmeet Singh

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  1. Jasmeet, how long should be a post that is published once a day? Should I use the maximum number of signs or better to keep it brief but interesting?

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