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It is critical to know one thing about me; I N-E-V-E-R review any item or program except if I get it, experience it, and ensure it worth YOUR time and cash.

That is absolutely similar case with RHS, and now I will impart my experience to you in this survey. I’ve experienced its recordings, PDFs etc. and I feel you will get a ton from this survey.

We should begin our Reading Head Start review now.

What is Reading Head Start?

The Reading Head Start Program is a scientifically-verified and simple to follow reading program, created by Sarah Shepard, a mother and teacher with over 14+ years of experience.

Reading Head Start can be used by children from age 2 through the age of 6. Even this program can be used by a kid who just started speaking. To back up her work, Sarah included a testimonial from a mother who is teaching her 16-month old son to read with the help of this system.

This program is broken into 4 levels, and each level contains videos, worksheets, pdfs, and interactive games. Once your child completes any level he also receives a completion certificate that boosts up confidence.

All you need is 15 minutes a day, three days a week. During those rewarding moments, your child will learn what they are truly capable of.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from the different levels and components, here’s a look at some examples:

Reading Head Start Program Lessons Examples :

  1. Level 1 Examples :
    1. Counting Words in a Sentence (Grade K – 1)
    2. Blending Syllables Name Game (Grade K)
    3. Segmenting Syllables Name Game (Grade K – 1)
    4. Identifying and Generating Rhyming Words, Body Part Game (Grade K)
    5. Introduce First, Middle and Last (Grade K – 1)
    6. Introduce Sound Segmenting Accuracy (Grade K)
  2. Level 2 Examples :
    1. Introduce Letters (Grade K)
    2. Phoneme Substitution with Letters: Sat, Mat, Rat, Bat, Bad, Bag, Big, Beg, etc. (Grade K)
  3. Level 3 Examples :
    1. Sounding Out Accuracy (Grade K, 1, 2)
    2. Word-Form Recognition Accuracy (Grade K)
    3. Irregular Word Fluency (Grade K, 1, 2, 3)
  4. Level 4 Examples :
    1. Introduce Au, Aw, Al, Igh, etc. (Grade K, 1, 2)
    2. Letter Combination Fluency: Th… Igh (Grade K, 1, 2)
    3. VCe Rule Fluency (Grade K, 1, 2)
    4. Irregular Word Fluency: Your… Where (Grade K, 1, 2, 3)
    5. Introduce Multiple Irregular Words: Show, Small, Large, Even, Here, Why (Grade K, 1, 2, 3)

Reading Head Start Program Tools :

  1. Downloadable Picture Cards
  2. Downloadable Letter Cards
  3. Letter Formation: Teacher’s Guide
  4. Downloadable Sound Out Cards
  5. Irregular Word Cards
  6. Advanced Phonics Cards

Reading Head Start Program Read-A-Long Video Course :

  1. The Cat on the Mat + Worksheet
  2. Dan and His Cap + Worksheet
  3. Dan and a Van + Worksheet
  4. Pet in a Jet + Worksheet

Reading Head Start Program Decodable Books :

  1. 50 Downloadable Books

Reading Head Start Program Worksheets :

  1. Preschool and Up

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What Are The Techniques Used Inside Reading Head What You Learn From the Program?

Child Reading Program cost
Reading Head Start Review

As a parent, whilst using the Reading Head Start program, you will learn:

  • How to ensure your child excels in his/her reading, even if they do not have interest.
  • What to do and what not to do when engaging in this type of material – advice will be given on how you can still be involved in the teaching process with your child without affecting how they learn at school.
  • You will learn methods of reversing dyslexia – Methods have been proven.
  • You will learn about the bad learning practices of teachers and why they are so obsolete these days.
  • You will also learn on the importance of making sure your child is able to read at an early age and why reading to them on a regular basis is so important.
  • How to boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence. This ensures that your child will be able to have the feeling of self-worth throughout his or her lifetime.
  • How to improve your child’s pronunciation of words.
  • Positive social interactions. This helps in improving your child’s social skills with their peers and other people.
  • Linguistic Development and Communication skills. You learn how to improve your child’s language vocabulary and communication skills.
  • Optimal Neurological development. This ensures that you are able to improve your child’s brain development process to optimum levels.

Here is a brief overview of these techniques :

  • Psychological Fortitude – This technique will help in developing your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Positive Social Interaction – This technique will develop social skill in your child so that he able to communicate with people of all ages without any problem.
  • Linguistic Development and Communication Skill – This technique will enhance the communication skill and language skills of your child.
  • Optimal Neurological Growth – This technique will help in the brain development of your child.

If you want to learn more about these techniques then I recommend you to check out this video. Sarah created this video especially for those parents who want to learn about these techniques before joining this program.

What Reading Head Start Program Offer?

I decided to give you a quick overview of the materials that you will be getting in this program.

Lesson Plans:

These step-by-step Lesson plans are provided to you to teach your child to read words. These lesson plans can be performed at home or at the classroom.

You will get an accurate and step-by-step plan that will improve your child reading capability in a fun and interesting way.


Sarah’s Reading Head Start contains lots of interesting and entertaining worksheets that will keep your child learning in an interesting way.

These worksheets are colorful, high-quality, themed, and strategic that will keep your child engage and improve his memory.

Short Passage:

Another important material you will be getting from this plan is the short passages that your child will read, and they are based on words mentioned in the program.

Printable Flashcards:

These printable flashcards were very popular in the past because they offer a great way to adopt reading skills. These flashcards will help children to memorize new information for centuries.

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 How Much Reading Head Start Program Cost?

One of the important factors for most people will going to be PRICING.

When I first saw the pricing it looked somewhat over-priced. But after going through the video-presentation, I figured out this program is correctly priced.

This is the high-quality reading program created by an English teacher who has years of experience in teaching.

At the time of writing this Reading Head Start review, the price of one-year membership ($197). If you are a teacher or you have two or more children between ages 2 to 6, then you should consider this option.

Do I Love Everything About Reading Head Start Program?

You have probably got the idea, I really like this program, and I feel this is a very beneficial program for parents.

I like the way Sarah Shepard provides instructions and videos so that parents will know what and why they are teaching to their children. I feel this is one of the best program explaining to children how to read.

However, there are two areas where this program falls short. These are surely not the ‘deal-breaker.’ I feel Sarah should work on these two issues.

Mechanical Nature Of The Reading Head Start Program :

The first area is the mechanical nature of this program. Although, this program demonstrated in a great way, but this program fails to develop the ‘love’ of reading in the children.

I strongly believe that it is ‘love’ for reading that can help children to pick up reading skill quickly rather than a mechanical process. If you decide to use this program then make sure you use lots of amazing bright stories with your children.

You can increase the collection of good children reading books, Amazon and eBay have a good variety of them.

Children should grow up with ‘love’ for reading. If it happens then children will get the natural motivation to complete stories books and it is possible to do so with the help of techniques provided inside Reading Head Start program. If you are thinking about strategies for strugglers, then this technique you should not miss out!

Sometimes it happens when children struggle with Sarah’s strategies, they can’t sit properly. If it happens with your kid, then don’t worry. It happens with many children.

The best way to cope with this problem is dropping phonic lessons for a while and use phonic games instead that contains phonic sounds your child is already familiar with.

You can hide phonic flashcards in different parts of the house, or play a memory game with them, or you can look for interesting games online. Once your child finds any game interesting, you can use it as a reward for completing Sarah’s strategy.

Outdated Delivery Method of Reading Head Start Program :

The second area in which Sarah needs to work is the conveyance of the substance material. After you complete the installment methodology, you will get a download interface in your email.

At the point when I access the program, I feel content game plan isn’t done as it should be in this cutting edge world. The substance plan looks obsolete and it needs a total overhaul.

In any case, the substance is acceptable, so I ask you to pass this slight issue.

It appears as though Sarah is master in instructing youngsters to peruse with her methodology, however with regards to content conveyance, she fizzles. In any case, I can excuse her on this.

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Final Conclusion:

In the end, I would like to say that this is the perfect program for parents who like to teach their children to start reading. Teachers can also use this program in their classroom to fast-track the reading process of their students.

Teach Your Child To Read I have gone through the program and all I can say is that this program can give children a solid foundation to start reading than most teachers can.

Sarah has done an excellent job in setting up this reading program. It clearly shows she has both passion and training to help parents in making sure their children adopt reading skills in early stages.

A well-set reading program like this is a must for any parent. I have previously reviewed many free and paid reading programs – but Reading Head Start by Sarah Shepard stands on top.

The final thing I want to remind you about this program is pricing. The current offer $197 seems reasonable for parents who have more than two children and for teachers. Oh, before I forget, you will also get 365 days money-back guarantee.

And don’t forget for just 1 USD you can access Sarah Shepard’s Reading Head Start for three days to check the quality of the program and then continue $37 per month membership.

Click here to visit the Official Website for the Reading Head Start Program by Sarah Shepard.

That’s was all from this Reading Head Start Review.

So what do you think about this Reading Head Start Review? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks, and best of luck.

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